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Cosmo is a bed featuring a modern, innovative design, characterised by a headboard composed of soft vertical cushions integrated into the structure, and by the rounded bed surround, making it the undisputed star of any bedroom environment.

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Bed surround: art. 28
Feet: art. MT7
Fabric: art. Aston col. 16 Cat. Lusso

Change Look

Protect or change the look of the headboard with practical covers for each individual cushion.

Protective cover set
Side pair fabric Art. Struttura 500 col. 07 Cat. Lusso.
Central pair fabric Art. Graffiti 503 col. 04 Cat. Lusso.


structural bed base

In the version with structural bed base integrated into the bed surround, the Cosmo is even more modern and streamlined, and offers the option of adding feet of up to 25 cm in height.

Bed surround: art. 9
Feet: art. MT25
Fabric: art. Vogue col. 10 Cat. Lusso

Protective cover set: fabric art. Refosco col. 07 Cat. Lusso


Allegra Armchair

Fabric: art. Vogue col. 10 Cat. Lusso
Seat: art. Refosco col. 07 Cat. Lusso

Feet: art. MT15