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Company Profile

Our history

Not yet beds, sofas or poufs. Our offering is extended with new lines. We cover all needs, for the whole family, thanks to the new “BED 3.0” lines.
Beds, sofas and poufs. Every product tailored to your needs. Without forgetting your enthusiasms.

From its comfortable sofas to its soft beds, without forgetting its poufs, curtains and lots, lots more. Every piece is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a friend and companion. Every piece is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a friend and companion. Stilfar Italia has been a leading manufacturer of upholstered furnishings for your lounge and bedroom since long-ago 1982.

Care, commitment and quality

The unchanging core values of our output. Skilled hands working to serve you. Our products gradually take shape, piece by piece. Every crease, even seam, every accessory is crafted with a special attention to details. Hand workmanship that makes our products truly special.

Expert craftsmen and famous designers combine their know-how to create the item you need.

A touch of Italian skill and flair that makes our furniture unique.

An all-Italian product. From the skilled workforce to every tiniest part.

You decide how to make your bed one of your home’s works of art.

The art of customisation

To each his own furniture.

The chance to choose from a vast range of options, combining them to create the ideal piece for you. From headboard to foot, every part of your bed can be customised.

Bedrooms that express your personality, your intimate moments, your needs. Even your desires. Let your bed become part of you, the expression of what you dream of.